East Gippsland News Weekend

10 East Gippsland News Weekend | July 2024 KENNY KOALA: This week it's a pleasure to welcome Sam Jarvis from one of Bairnsdale's iconic local businesses, Jarvis Sand and Soil. SJ: It's great to catch up Kenny, been looking forward to our chat. KK: Not as much as me Sam. How do you like your coffee? SJ: Lactose free flat white Kenny. KK: Do you have a preferred venue? SJ: I like to share it around, plenty of good spots in town, maybe Mr D's or the Stables are my favourite. KK: Have you ever had coffee with a koala before Sam? SJ: No, I haven't Kenny. KK: Do you like koalas? SJ: Who doesn't like koalas. KK: So, what do you do at Jarvis Sand and Soil? SJ: I'm the operations manager, running the logistics of the trucks. KK: How many trucks do you have? SJ: We have five trucks that bring product to and from the depot, which includes numerous deliveries around town. KK: What products do you specialise in? SJ: We do everything from sand through to mulch, which includes soils, gravels and pebbles. KK: Is plenty of your business the new house sector? SJ: We do a bit of everything, new job sites and old alike. KK: Where do you access your materials? East Gippsland Newspapers mascot, Kenny Koala, has been out and about in the community, enjoying a coffee with prominent local business people discussing their business, what it involves and what the regions requires in an ever-changing business environment. Coffee Kenny with SJ: From all over Victoria, including locally. We have our own sand quarry at Lindenow. KK: So that's where you source your sand - there wouldn't be any shells in it. SJ: Yes, no shells Kenny. There are numerous types of sands but a lot does come from the quarry. We stock packing sand, brick sand, wash sand and septic filter sand, just to name a few. KK: I had visions of you going down the beach and backing up the truck and loading up - that's a myth Sam? SJ: I'm not sure that sand would be overly popular Kenny. KK: What is the number one selling product? SJ: That's a good question. Probably packing sand, but that's because we do so many big slabs and that sort of thing for concretors and builders. KK: Does Jim run the quarry? He's a lovely man, he'd be the favourite employee? SJ: They are all favourites at Jarvis Sand and Soil. KK: So, what did you do before you came to Jarvis? SJ: I've worked here on and off since I was 12 years age. Had a few jobs and went off to university, but I ended up back here. KK: What did you study at university? SJ: Design at Swinburne, only lasted four months, ended up getting a job at Bowens Timber and Hardware in North Melbourne. Worked in their sales team for five years before coming back to Bairnsdale. KK: How's business at the moment Sam? SJ: Into winter it's slowing down a bit. I think everyone is starting to slow a bit, to be honest. The building industry is definitely back to where it was before COVID. KK: What do you do when you're not working at Jarvis? SJ: Four wheel driving, camping, fishing and boating. KK: What do you target when you fish? SJ: Bream and flathead. KK: Any good spots Sam? SJ: I've been fishing the mouth of the Mitchell and doing no good. Got anything for me Kenny? KK: Well, the koala grapevine says to try the Nicholson, some very nice bream on the bite, using lures. SJ: Lures aren't really my thing, I'm too lazy for that. KK: Have you have lived most of your life in Bairnsdale? How is the town going? SJ: It's definitely getting big, much bigger than when I was a kid. There are lots of new faces around. KK: How can Bairnsdale get better as a town? SJ: I think the infrastructure is struggling to keep up the population growth. We will need a bigger or new hospital sooner rather than later. Definitely needs some more entertainment and nightlife. There are some nice pubs, but they don't open late anymore. KK: Need to come party with the koalas, we light the trees up down by the river some nights. The bats don't like our music. SJ: Sounds like fun Kenny, I'll keep it in mind. KK: Who is the longest serving employee? SJ: Well apart from our owner/managing director, Trevor (Sam's dad), that would be Steve, who is coming up for 17 years. KK: How has the business changed in your time? SJ: I remember when dad started he had one truck, a tiny shed and a front end loader. These days we have five trucks and lots of machinery. KK: Let's finish with some quick questions Sam? SJ: Go for it. KK: Favourite food? SJ: Chicken schnitzel. KK: Speciality dish? SJ: Lasagna. KK: Does pineapple belong on a pizza? SJ: No. KK: Go-to pizza? SJ: Mexicana, as hot as I can get it. KK: AFL team? SJ: Essendon. KK: Favourite TV show? SJ: Historically NCIS and currently loving Peaky Blinders. KK: Favourite movie? SJ: Treasure Planet. KK: Who would play Sam Jarvis in a movie? SJ: Andrew Garfield. KK: I can see the resemblance, is he the Spiderman fella? SJ: Correct. KK: If you could invite three people to catch up for beer, who would you invite dead or alive, celebrities or family? SJ: I'd love to have a frothy with Bob Marley. Probably Tom DeLonge from Blink 182. Would you be interested Kenny? KK: Why not Sam. It's been a pleasure chatting, thank you. SJ: It was good Kenny, not sure why I was so nervous. WINNER OF THE 2024 PET COMPETITION! Thank you to everyone that entered! CONGRATULATIONS TO A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO BEST FRIEND HOLIDAY RETREAT, GIPPSLAND GRAIN STORE & PLAYFUL PAWS FOR THE PRIZES.