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11 July 2024 | East Gippsland News Weekend Own your anger Anger is as relevant a feeling as any of the positive feelings we experience. It exists for a reason and is an important part of the fight flight response to perceived threat. When presented with a threat our primitive brain makes a quick assessment. If we think we can win, or are cornered and believe we have no option, we will choose to fight. On the other hand, if we think we will lose and have the opportunity we will choose to flee, or freeze, which is a kind of internal fleeing. The important point is that even though we think we have no choice; in reality we always do. It is our perception of threat that determines which of the options we choose, and even though this is controlled in the first micro seconds by our primitive brain, everything we do after that is a result of our continuing to choose destructive behaviour. Make no mistake, fight is destructive, it is meant with Jeff Steedman MINDTALK to be as it is our defence mechanism, and while there is a place for that in a life or death situation, there is no place for it otherwise and never with those we care about. Because angering is such a powerful emotion, it often feels as though we have little or no control over it, but as we will see that is not really the case. Owning your anger is about recognising there is a difference between feeling anger and angering, the physical component of flight. Feeling anger is your system telling you there is something wrong. Most threats are not physical, but threats to who and how we see ourselves, becoming aware of this might be all we need to do. Our primitive brain can learn to recognise new threats and can also learn to remove things we no longer perceive as a threat. This means that we can consciously choose to change how we recognise threat over time and with practice no longer choose angering. Remember, nobody can make you angry, it is how you think about a situation that determines if you will feel anger, and you are in control of how you choose to think. When something outrageous occurs, it might be appropriate to feel angry, but unless there is an immediate physical threat to life, there should never be a need to choose angering or fight. It is not often bushwalkers come upon a birthday party feast atop a mountain. But that is what occurred on Sunday, June 30. The Ben Cruachan Walking Club celebrated its 59th birthday with a walk up to the summit of Mt Ben Cruachan. It was here in 1965 where the foundation members first came up with the concept of forming a walking group to be named in honour of this peak. Meeting in Maffra, hikers travelled in convoy to the junction of Ben Cruachan Road and Mt Margaret Road. The weather was looking a little ominous however with coats, beanies and wet weather gear they set off on the 2km uphill stroll to the car park at Ben Cruachan. This was a great heart starter for the day with glimpses of the magnificent views to come. Thanks to thoughtful catering, hikers were greeted at the car park with a boiling billy and a beautiful spread of sweet delights, including birthday cake. This was much appreciated in the cool conditions. After lunch, and the customary “happy birthday”, it was a short stroll beyond the post and rail fence, along a lomandra lined trail, to the summit of Ben Cruachan. Such a pretty natural wonderland with pops of pink heath found among the impressive lichen covered rocks. Hikers were rewarded with intermittent glimpses of sunshine and expansive views across the mountain range to the north. All agreed it was a magnificent place to have our group named after, and no better place to celebrate the anniversary. Ben Cruachan Walking Club has members from across much of Gippsland and provide an inclusive and friendly atmosphere, welcoming both experienced and fledging hikers. The Walks Calendar on the website lists a range of hikes, from gentle strolls to more challenging overnight experiences. Anyone who is keen to connect with nature in a safe and supportive group are encouraged to contact the club. WEEKENDWALK Ben Cruachan birthday out bush • Salt Pool • Off Street Parking • Services Daily • Coach Bookings • Group Bookings • Meeting Room STAY 3 NIGHTS, PAY FOR 2! Deal WNTER (03) 5155 1555 lersl.com.au OFF PEAK RATES UNTIL DECEMBER 12, 2024 $95 from per night Glenara Motel EN23876 *TERMS & CONDITIONS APPLY. EAST GIPPSLAND BUSINESS LEADERS SEMINAR Proudly Presented by In business, you can’t be all things to all people - so don’t try! Know your niche. Too many small businesses lack sales because their marketing lacks impact. Dont miss this 50 minute workshop presented by respected marketing expert Damian Morgan. 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