East Gippsland News Weekend

5 May 2024 | East Gippsland News Weekend A feast Join Cafe Chez Joe in welcoming delicious Maffco Brewery and Distillery as well as musician Duncan Clark, in a free fun filled night in Metung on Saturday, June 1. Picture this: Maffco beer, live music, delicious Cafe Chez Joe cuisine, while sitting with your friends and family. You can book a free table today by contacting the Metung cafe. “Better get in fast because we are a quaint little shop, so tables are going to fill up quick,” Joe said. Café Chez Joe brings International fusion cuisine from around the globe to you. Joe and Kay have source only the best local produce from around East Gippsland and are serving it up for you seven days a week, breakfast, lunch, dinner and takeaway. Maffco Brewery and Distillery has a core range of favourites to a steady stream of seasonal brews.Jimmy Sandison, a local, began this journey through the planning stages and completed a huge amount of work. He now continues this journey as a head brewer. Jimmy gained his knowledge of brewing at home and has fostered this passion over the course of many years. About 10 years ago he was fortunate enough to be involved in project to upgrade the Pale Ale line at Coopers Brewery in Adelaide. This project, while leading to involvement in further commercial brewery design projects, also piqued his interest in brewing his own beer and was the catalyst to him exploring more adventurous beer styles he previously might have avoided prior. “Having been a local for most of my life, I often thought that a craft brewery in the area would be a great fit, it has therefore been exciting to play a part bringing the Maffco project to fruition,” Jimmy said. “After initially being contacted by Nicky (Reeves) and Lashay (Tricker) in late 2021 to assist with design and drafting components the project, it soon became apparent that I had more to offer than just engineering input and go on aid design, construction, and operation of the brewery. “Like many, my first brewing experience came in the form of a cheap home brew kit brewed on the kitchen stove. In all honestly, in the early days the finished product wasn’t fantastic, but it was enough motivation to make me want to explore beer making in more depth. “So far, the feedback from the community has been excellent, and I look forward to producing more great beer for Maffra and the wider area to enjoy.” You can enjoy both Maffco and Cafe Chez Joe in one evening in Metung on Saturday, June 1, all brought together with the delightful sounds of Duncan Clark. of taste and sound Scan the QR code or visit curtisaustralia.com You’ll find original design jewellery collections, unique Curtis handcrafted solid gold watches and beautiful pen ranges. EN20287